Code of Conduct

Updated Tuesday September 18, 2018 by High Point Pony.

Athletic Parent Code of Conduct

The essential elements of character building and ethics in athletics are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship. The highest potential of athletics is achieved when competition reflects these "six pillars of character". Therefore I agree:

1. I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices.

2. I will respect the officials and their authority during games and will never question, discuss or confront coaches at the game field, and will take time to speak to coaches at an agreed upon time and place.

3. I will demand that my child treat other players, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.

4. I will promote the emotional and physical well being of the players ahead of any personal desire I may have for my own child to win.

5. I will not encourage any behaviors or practices that would endanger the health and well being of the players.

6. I (and my guest) will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all players' coaches, officials, and spectators at every game, practice or sporting event.

7. I (and my guest) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures.

8. I understand that any violation of this code of conduct will be cause for dismissal, suspension, or permanent expulsion from future athletic contests.